Asecom rails

Asecom rails

ASECOM RAILS specialises in project studies, the design and supply of complex crane rail systems for bridge cranes, overhead cranes, harbour cranes, gantry cranes, automated warehousing systems and any other interface involving the movement of rolling appliances.

We offer detailed studies along with the corresponding drawings for each project undertaken.

  • The supply of Rails for Gantry Cranes, Vignoles Rails, Special-Purpose Rails
  • The supply of Clips and Pads
  •  The supply of Soleplates
  •  The supply of Anchor Rods
  • The supply of  Bolt Pockets
  • The supply of Cement Grout or Epoxy Resin
  • The supply of Welding Kits, welding electrodes, for the production of rail joints
  • The supply of Buffers, hydraulic shock absorbers
  • The supply and preparation of special steel (Cutting, Drilling, Bending, Assembling-Welding, Surface Treatment)

Our customer reactivity, know-how, objective response to specific questions in this field, our reliability and the respect for our clients and all our partners combine to make ASECOM RAILS a TRUSTWORTHY choice, a SOUND choice, a QUALITY choice.


Asecom Rails : Specialist Support Services

Whatever the specific requirements and challenges your project study raises, we remain at your service to propose alternative solutions as appropriate and offer you our most competitive prices.

  • Expertise in the area of crane rail tracks
  • The detailed appraisal of your needs in order to define the crane rail system best adapted to your requirements, depending on the variable loads to be applied to the crane wheels, overhead cranes, gantry cranes …
  • The precise assessment of all necessary sub-elements composing the crane rail track, in accordance with the various assumptions contained in the technical specifications.
  • The provision of all types of fastening system regardless of their complexity.
  • The provision of all types of rail systems available, adapted to overhead and gantry cranes in accordance with DIN 536/1 Sept 91 standards.
  • Quality Certificates 3.1 issued with all rails orders.


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