The Study of the Harbour cranes and Overhead travelling cranes is a complex undertaking which allows the overall track to be denfined according to the precise regulations and European standards currently in force (Eurocodes, FEM etc…).

On the basis of the elements by the manufacturers of the Overhead travelling cranes, Harbour cranes and Gantries, we are able to define all the subsets composing a track from the rail to cement grout or resin. For this purpose.

It is imperative for us to know :

  • Vertical loads, horizontal longitudinal and horizontal transversal loads with the safety coefficients included
  • Wheels diameters
  • Description of the environment in which the tracks will be installed
  • Prefered type of fastening systems
  • Of the nature and width of the support structure, if the track is elevated
  • Likewise, the nature of the support structure, if the track is at ground-level

We also purpose a simulation of the entire project in 3D on SolidWorks from DASSAULT SYSTEMS. This provides a realistic image in the context in which the tracks will be installed.

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